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The Reign Together Team’s 5 Favorite CBD Products

The Reign Together Team’s 5 Favorite CBD Products

by The Reign Together Team


With new CBD products emerging all the time, from capsules and vapes to balms and oils, it may seem daunting for some to navigate the market. Luckily, we at Reign Together are always up for the challenge. Here are some of the Reign Together team’s favorite CBD products on the market today, from mint-chocolate-flavored oil to sensuous kissing balm. Maybe they’ll help you find a new favorite of your own!


  1. Charlotte’s Web: Mint Chocolate Original CBD Oil

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The original formula at Charlotte’s Web is a winner with the team, especially the mint chocolate extract, which is perfect for mixing into smoothies and coffee. This blend is made from USA-grown hemp and contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids to help you manage stress, sleep better  and even recover from a hard workout. Whether you take it in the morning to start your day off right or in the afternoon to get through a slump, we doubt you’ll find a tastier CBD oil than this.


  1. Prima: The Daily

If you like the ease of taking CBD oil capsules, check out The Daily  from Prima, which helps you get the recommended daily amount of CBD in a vegan softgel for better absorption. Enhanced with clove bud, black pepper and curcumin oils, the capsules deliver sustained calm and collectedness, which can be especially helpful if too many morning lattes have resulted in the jitters.  


  1. Onyx + Rose: Bliss Balm

For local application to address pain and injuries, including post-workout soreness, Bliss Balm  from Onyx + Rose helps gym junkies feel brand new again. Simply apply it to your achy parts and let the healing effects of broad-spectrum CBD do its magic. The balm is also scented with therapeutic lavender and eucalyptus, which have linked to reduced pain  in test subjects.


  1. Beboe: Calming Blend

Most of our team members who love the more relaxing vaping experiences can’t get enough of the Calming CBD Blend  from Beboe, formulated with pure hemp-derived CBD and citrus terpenes. While some prefer to use the all-in-one vape pen during the day, others prefer a nighttime session. It really just depends on when you need to unwind! Natural and fast-acting, the product is disposable and discreet for anytime use.


  1. Reign Together: CBD Massage Oil and Kissing Balm

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t show some love for our own. When it comes to topical products, the CBD lip balm  and massage oil  by Reign Together are must-have items. Designed to reduce stress, relieve sore muscles and moisturize the skin, the 100% natural CBD massage oil is infused with Arnica montana, jojoba oil and vitamin E to provide the utmost relaxation — ideal for partner massages. And if you’re after more kissable lips, Reign Together’s Kissing Balm blends broad-spectrum CBD oil with shea and mango butters to provide hydration for soft and supple lips with a minty taste. Since Reign Together products are made with bonding and intimacy  in mind, it’s no wonder our team members are always smiling. 


What are your favorite CBD products? Tag @reigntogether  with pictures of them on Instagram!