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How to Give a Massage at Home (or on the fly!)

How to Give a Massage at Home (or on the fly!)

By Delilah Moore

It’s no secret that we think massages are amazing here at Reign Together. They’re a great way to de-stress, release pesky knots in your body and relax. You can’t argue that getting a massage by a trained professional has its benefits and feels incredible, but what if you could get (or give) all that at home with your partner? 

Physical touch and massages are a fantastic way to build closeness, intimacy and trust in a relationship while deepening the bond you already have. It signifies so much: I see you, I feel you, I am here, you are safe, you are not alone. (An added bonus? Touching and being touched have the same benefits, so the giver is also the receiver.) What’s more, you can transform your touch not only into a stress-relieving massage, but also into a way of communicating to your significant other how important they are. Our words can be influenced by the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, but by taking time out with touch, your intention is clear. Here are five ways to give a  relaxing massage at home, with all the benefits. 

Clear Space 

Even though your bed may seem like the most obvious place for a massage, if you partner is stressing at their desk in your home, coming up behind them and massaging their shoulders or giving them a quick hand massage isn’t a bad idea. After a minute or two of deliberate massage, you can invite your them to move to someplace more comfortable and dedicated to continuing the massage. No matter where you are, be sure to create a peaceful and loving environment. Clear away any mess or visual stressors, and set up the bed or sofa with a  nice soft towel or sheet for them to stretch out on. The key here is making sure that both you and your partner are as comfortable as possible. 

Set the Mood

Though your partner will appreciate a loving massage without any other bells and whistles. Setting the mood is a great way to level it up. Keep in mind the lighting, music, scent and temperature. Dim the lights, play some soft music, their favorite album or a  relaxing music playlist. Light a scented candle like lavender or sweet orange — though don’t pick anything too strong that can be overpowering such as cinnamon or vanilla. Keep the room nice and warm, you want the temperature to be high enough to have the least amount of clothing on while still feeling relaxed. 

Pick a Body Oil

Next, take time to pick the perfect oil. You want to put thought into the massage oil you use; you want it to glide over the skin but not leave greasy residue or be too slippery. The  Reign Together CBD Massage Oil is a 100 percent natural formula that is designed to reduce stress, relieve sore muscles and moisturize the skin. The nourishing oil is formulated with a broad-spectrum CBD oil (THC-free), providing the ultimate relaxing experience for you and your partner. 

Be Attentive 

Don’t forget to start slow. A loving touch is nourishing to the body, so take your time. Your partner deserves to be massaged and loved with your full attention. Remember to keep keep your movements slow and repetitive, and do your best to apply constant pressure. Focus on details like applying oil after warming it up in your hands, keeping your hands on the spots where your partner needs the most care,  remind them to breathe and let out a sigh when you’re working through more tender muscle and move to the music. You can’t go wrong by keeping it slow and simple — you can work your way up to the  more advanced techniques after you’ve gotten a few of these at-home massages under your belt. 

Have Fun

Remember to let go and have fun. Use this time to clear both of your heads. Let yourself be guided by your intuition rather than thinking about what to do next. Enjoy the time you’ve set aside to experience one another. The appreciation from your partner will be there. 

Besides, what’s better than honoring your partner’s body with the gift of your time, respect and love that will allow you to communicate better? 

Delilah Moore is an author and former manager for one of the top dating sites in the U.S. With a degree in Journalism and Literary Studies, she has her pulse on what’s going on in the world and also follows her creative passions! A people-person at heart, she adores time with her family and friends, trips to Napa and reading poetry. She also dabbles in the most recent love of her life, real estate!