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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Boyfriend Into Your Self-Care Routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Boyfriend Into Your Self-Care Routine

by Delilah Moore

Women know the crucial importance of taking time out for yourself and practicing self-care. You’ve tried it, loved it, and over the years you’ve perfected your routine. Self-care for men is often a different story. But your partner deserves to experience that self-love bliss just as much as you do! They may resist the idea of joining your self-care routine at first, but take baby steps. Before long, don’t be surprised if he pops his head in and reminds you it’s time for your skin-care routine. Here are five ways to incorporate your boyfriend into a self-care routine for men he’ll want to stick to.

  1. Create a Nighttime Routine

Most people are running around during the day, so the evening is usually the only time they have a spare moment to themselves. A restful night’s sleep is vital to your health and an important part — probably the most important part — of an effective self-care routine. Make the most of it by setting the scene with your boyfriend to create the ultimate comfy and peaceful space for you both. Simple things you can both do to prep the bedroom for a restful sleep include keeping your bedroom cool, probably way cooler than you’d think. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature  for sleep is somewhere between 60 to 67 degrees. So while he’s lowering the thermostat, diffuse one of your favorite essential oils, like lavender, for the perfect setting. Spritz a little extra on your pillows and let the aromatherapy work its magic!

  1. Unplug Together

Just one of the many benefits of sharing your self-care routine with your partner is that they can help you stay on a healthy schedule. Have a general idea of when you’re going to bed, and at least an hour before bedtime start disconnecting from electronic devices. Wrap up that last email, stop scrolling through social media, put calls and texts on do not disturb and — last but not least — turn off the TV. We’ve all gotten wrapped up in a riveting binge-watching session on Netflix, but when your partner is inviting you to wind down with them, it’s a lot easier to let go. Take that last hour of your day to reconnect with each other  — the rest of the world can wait. 

  1. Bedtime Yoga

A fabulous way to wind down before bed that’s also great for you body is a little yoga. This isn’t the 90-minute power yoga in a hot room that has you sweating from every pore. Bedtime yoga includes a series of relaxing and calming poses that feel like yummy stretches to release tension. It’s not about perfect form here, it’s about being present with your body and — lucky for you — your partner! So get in your comfy clothes and switch on your favorite Bedtime Yoga session; some can even be done on your bed. Before long, one of you or both of you may suggest yoga as part of your morning routine too.

  1. Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ we have, and it goes through a lot every day to protect us. A good skin-care routine isn’t about vanity — it’s about self-respect. Beautiful, glowing skin is simply a happy side effect of proper care, and men and women alike deserve it equally. If you love when your man teaches you about his “guy” hobbies, return the favor by equipping him with the tools he needs to take care of his skin. So grab your partner and walk him through a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine for the evening. It can be as quick and easy or as elaborate as you both want and you can layer in extras like scrubs, serums and eye creams after he gets comfortable with the basics. Good skin care is essential for everyone, and once you start, you and your partner will look forward to doing it together. Once a week, do a deep-cleansing mask together; if you want to earn extra points with your love, use your favorite CBD-infused massage oil  to give them a gentle foot massage  before bed.

  1. Journal Together

One of the most effective methods of self-care is the act of transferring your thoughts onto paper. Journaling is simple — after all, you just need a journal and a pen. But it is also an amazing tool for reflecting while learning about yourself. It’s up to you and your partner how you want to do this; there are a variety of journaling exercises you can try out to see which fits you best. You can have a journal of what you’re grateful for, things you’ve learned that day, what you’ve contributed, what inspired you that particular day, positive affirmations — or if you’re starting out, just write. You don’t always need to share with each other what you’ve written down, but tackling the same prompt and then discussing it afterward is a great way to broach potentially tricky subjects, and deepen your connection in the process. What more could you ask for?


Delilah Moore is an author and former manager for one of the top dating sites in the United States. With a degree in journalism and literary studies, she has her pulse on what’s going on in the world and also follows her creative passions.