Reign Together
Practice the 3 C's for a Successful Relationship

Practice the 3 C's for a Successful Relationship

by Bart Freibert

Remember our 3C’s for an incredible (and sustainable) relationship:

Choose Connection Consistently.



1. Choose

    In our intimate relationship, we tend to over rely on spontaneous connection. Sure - as you grow closer to your partner you enjoy experiencing the romantic memories triggered by a song or an inside joke that makes you laugh together in front of confused friends. These are moments to relish but they rely too much on outside forces. To sustain the feeling of connectedness - the one that makes you feel in love day after day - you must be intentional and CHOOSE connection.

    2. Connection

    When are you fully Present with your partner? Is it just during sex? Is even during sex? Is it is the kitchen preparing a meal while listening to music and enjoying wine together? Is it discussing your life for the future together? How do show up when you enter the house or walk in the room? Do you acknowledge each other’s presence with a look of desire and admiration, or is it just a glance and half a smile? CONNECTION takes place between souls. So when you CHOOSE CONNECTION, make sure your soul is involved and that you feel the love. When you feel it in your heart, you know you’re doing it right.

    3. Consistently

    Consistency is the key, as they say (and we agree). Don’t think that one special occasion or vacation is going to be the enough to regain and maintain your connection, chemistry, and romance. Just as the esteemed summer bod is made during the winter, an incredible relationship is created through consistent connection in “real life.” This doesn’t mean constant connection, we’re only human - we need our space and there’s more to our lives over which we must preside. So look at your interactions (the seemingly meaningless ones). How do you greet your partner when he or she arrives home? and how you say goodbye? By taking a few more seconds to make these everyday interactions special with an embrace, a long kiss, and a moment of total Presence, you not only deepen your heartfelt sense of connection with your partner but you do so CONSISTENTLY. Those small moments everyday add up and compound over time. Recognize that how you are with each other everyday IS your relationship.