The Problem

Relationships are suffering in a world of distraction and chronic stress. As the digital world vies evermore for our attention, less is left for those we love. Social media, urgent emails, and hysterical news, have trapped us in a pattern of fight or flight. The constant digital connection keeps us from the authentic connection we seek from intimate relationships.

Even when we're physically there, we're often not fully present with each other. It is this difference that makes or breaks the relationship.

More than ever, couples must find a sustainable way to de-stress to connect with their partner so that their relationship can thrive.


Our Solution

We believe in the power of human touch and authentic connection, so we created products that help couples de-stress to connect so that their relationship can thrive.

We invite you to bring the spa experience home to the person you love most; to deepen your bond through the power of human touch. A loving foot massage or back rub is a simple yet powerful way to de-stress and re-connect.

Set an intention. Trust the process. Unwind. Sleep deeply. Wake up feeling like 'us' again.

Take love into your own hands and reign together.

Founders' Story

Reign Together founders Amy Roberts and Bart Freibert wanted to create a product line that offered more than just the benefits of an effective formula. They wanted to create something that would not only improve their customers' physical health but would also have positive impact on their emotional and spiritual well-being. Amy and Bart recognized that the trends of failing relationships, dysfunctional marriages, and rising divorce rates could be reversed if couples had a way to de-stress together to stay feeling connected. So, they decided to build a brand that would encourage connection and inspire couples to commit to becoming the best versions of themselves for each other.

Amy Roberts, Co-founder / CEO

Trevor and I faced the battle of our lives when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our ability to choose connection in every difficult moment allowed love to soar. It is difficult to be transparent and vulnerable when pain is louder than anything else. Our choice of commitment to each other through connecting daily was the vital ingredient in Trevor's full recovery to health.  

Bart Freibert, Co-founder / CMO

Watching my parents divorce as a kid and seeing family dysfunction and toxic relationships become increasingly common, I became obsessed with learning the keys to successful relationships and practicing the art of connection.... I believe that an intimate, committed relationship can be the most powerful vehicle for personal development and spiritual growth in your life.

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