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How to Keep the Romance Alive While Visiting Family

How to Keep the Romance Alive While Visiting Family

by Delilah Moore

Visiting family may spark some not-so-pleasant feelings initially. It’s true there are countless romantic comedies out there where meeting the parents and staying with them doesn’t go too well. Rest assured, though, it’s not all about you and your partner clinging to one another at night so you don’t fall off your twin-size childhood race-car bed. More than likely you won’t be hooked up to a lie detector either. What happens in the end of those films? Love conquers all! That is the part you can count on in real life. It takes a little effort, but nothing you and your honey can’t handle. Here are a few easy ways to turn a potentially stressful situation into one that will bring you both closer together on so many levels.

Meeting the Parents or In-Laws

Whether it’s your first time meeting  the parents or you’ve been married for years and the in-laws are family, come prepared. If it’s your first time meeting the parents, there’s no need to be nervous. Chances are the family already loves you because their son or daughter adores you and you make them happy. You’ve nailed the most important part, but it’s always a welcome gesture to take a small gift when you’re invited for the first time. Whether it’s flowers, some yummy treats or a  bottle of wine, it’s a great way to introduce yourself and make a positive first impression. If you’re already married and are familiar with your in-laws, you’ll be able to personalize this even more. Showing your partner how committed you are not only to them but to their family will make their heart flutter.

Don’t Forget to Show Affection

You’ve made a great first impression, everyone is raving about the wine you brought and now you’re the life of the party. Remember not to be so caught up in the surprisingly great time you’re having that you aren’t paying attention to your partner. So don’t forget - and don’t be afraid — to show some affection. You want to be respectful around family, of course, but remember there’s nothing wrong with a little PDA. Hold hands when you can, put your arm around her waist when you pass by, give him a kiss on the cheek when you have to step away for a bit. If you feel like the luckiest person alive because you see her laughing with her nieces and nephews, let her know. If you can’t say it right then, send a simple text saying “You’re so beautiful” and let her see it later. The same goes for if your partner is showing your mom he knows his way around the kitchen by sharing his favorite  recipe for Bolognese and she’s pleasantly surprised by his skills — catch his eye and smile, and that look will not only speak volumes but definitely lead to amazing things later when you two are alone.

The Ultimate Turn-On

What is the absolute hottest, sexiest thing you can do for your partner? Always have their back. You read that correctly. Showing support in a respectful way will have your partner melting inside. Let’s face it, pretty much every family has their fair share of drama. And no one knows how to press buttons and open up old wounds quite like family. When a tense moment comes up and you feel your partner is on the brink of a meltdown, quieter than usual or has that look you know all too well, make it a point to stick up for them. This can be tricky with family, but there is nothing wrong with  supporting and defending the one you love. If you can’t fully go to bat for them, do your best to lighten the mood and diffuse tension. Step in and tell a funny story or whip out some childhood photos to help navigate through an awkward moment. And while you’re in the next room pretending to look at pictures, steal a kiss when no one’s looking. You’ve both earned it.  

Staying Connected

You’ve kept the romance going throughout the day — there’s no reason for it to stop at night! One of the best ways to spice things up is  a relaxing and sensual massage. Dim the lights, grab some  luxurious massage oil and give them a deep, well-deserved rub to help them relax. Cherish this time and truly be present with one another. Tell them how much your family adores them and how you’re so beyond grateful to have them in your life. Just like that, a time you both thought would be stressful and chaotic turns into something that brings you closer together in love and passion.

Delilah Moore is an author and former manager for one of the top dating sites in the United States. With a degree in journalism and literary studies, she has her pulse on what’s going on in the world and also follows her creative passions.